NCELL/NTC sapati

NCELL Sapati

Ncell Sapati is a very helpful scheme from Ncell for the prepaid users that allows you to request for a loan when your balance is less than Rs 5.

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How to take Ncell loan?

To get Ncell loan, just dial *9988# from your mobile.

Where to use the loan?

Your received loan is added to your main balance. Then, you can use to call to any network, send sms and use the mobile data. It has no expiry date. So, you can use anytime.

Who can take a loan?

Only the prepaid users who have been using the NCELL sim for more than two months are eligible for this service. And, they must have a main balance less than Rs 5.

How much amount of loan can we take?

You will be given a loan of amount Rs 20 at a time. You can’t get next loan until you clear your loan.

How much we have to pay a charge for the loan/sapati?

You will be charged along with a loan Rs 20 plus a service charge of Rs 2.51.

When can we take the service?

You can ask for the loan anytime you want if your main balance is less than Rs 5. But remember that you must have to clear the previous loan if any.


NTC sapati

Like Ncell, NTC has also announced that it will soon launch a sapati scheme in NTC. It has also claimed that it will charge very less compared to NCELL. Through this sapati, you can make a call, send SMS and use the data service.

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Please keep following us for the updated news on NTC sapati. We will soon give you the details regarding it as soon as it launches its services.

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