NEA Vacancy – Download Nepal Electricity Authority NEA Vacancy

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Nepal Electricity Authority is the parent body for the distribution of Electricity in Nepal. NEA publishes NEA vacancy notices and NEA job notices. It also performs all the functions regarding distribution of electrical energy in Nepal. It is a government corporation that is the merger of the Department of Electricity of Ministry of Water Resources, Nepal Electricity Corporation and related Development Boards. This merger was formed in August 16, 1985 (Bhadra 1, 2042) according to the Electricity Authority Act. 1984. The reason behind it was the prevention of the duplication of works that these fragmented departments performed by themselves so that the efficiency and reliability of the work can be increased.

Not only in our daily lives, but for the purpose of development also, electrical energy is very necessary. But, in spite of having a huge potential for the generation of electricity, the electricity that is generated currently is not substantial for the whole nation. It is because the energy cannot be stored which is the main problem of hydropower project. For the maximum production of hydroelectricity, the supply of rain water should be maximum too. The seasonal change does not allow this and in the dry season, the country has to face huge difficulty due to the fall in the electricity production.

One of the chief functions of the NEA is to tackle with the aforementioned problem and bring out a solution that the country can rely on. The primary objective of NEA is to generate, transmit and distribute adequate, reliable and affordable power by planning, constructing, operating and maintaining all generation, transmission and distribution facilities in Nepal’s power system both interconnected and isolated. Additionally, NEA also should bear the responsibilities of providing recommendations to the Government of Nepal regarding the short term and long term plans and policies in the power sector, determination of the tariff structure for the electricity with prior approval of the Government and also to produce skilled manpower in the power sector.

nea vacancy

NEA is managed by the Board of directors. It includes the chairman, 5 members and a member secretary. The Managing Director acts both as a member secretary and the chief executive officer. Except this management body, there are many other people who are involved in the works of NEA. Taking the example of Kulman Ghising, who fought against those stealing from their own country by siphoning off electricity in the black market, people can give their own contribution for the light of the country. Each official recruited in NEA, if hold their dignity and do their works honestly, NEA can perform its works efficiently and light up the country. NEA also publishes NEA loadshedding Routine.

NEA Vacancy – Download Nepal Electricity Authority NEA Vacancy

If you want to get recruited in NEA, then go to their website and check for the vacancies. You can follow the steps below:

  • Through your browser, go to the official website of Nepal Electricity Authority which is
  • The website’s page opens.
  • In the left side of the page, under the section “Notice Board”, click on “Recruitment”.
  • The recruitment page opens and there you can see two sections “Promotion/Internal” and “Recruitment”.
  • Under the recruitment, go to “Notice”.
  • There you can see the heading of the notice, is description and status. The vacancies are mentioned in the headings with “Khula Pratiyogita”.
  • Click on the respective link. It provides you with the detailed information on the vacancy.

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