NEB Class 12 Exam Routine NEB Plus 2 Routine

NEB stands for national Examination Board. NEB class 12 exam routine is out. Download NEB class 12 routine, plus 2 routine. NEB is one of the government board which helps to conduct examination of different universities as well as it publishes result of all those examination. National board examination refers to the public examination that occure at the end of semester or end of any year and so on of the whole Nation not only of one college or any one district but of whole nation’s colleges, schools examination.

In context of Nepal there are different universities which have its own style of teaching, having different syllabus and so on. All the examination cannot be conducted without console of NEB. Likewise in Nepal in other different countries all the examinations are conducted by NEB. There are different board in context of Nepal i.e Government board of Nepal, HSEB, Tribhuvan universities, Pokhara universities, purbanchal universities, Kathmandu universities etc. and so on. According to NEB SSC for end of  9th and 10th grade examination, and HSC for grade 11th and 12th examination. Beside examination NEB provide syllabus for the examination as well as it decides the centres for colleges where exam held. As well as it provides the result of all those examination held at its appropriate time. NEB is not only for management field or humanities field but it is for each and every field available. It helps to manage the examination of each and every filed of education. Every year National Examination Board conducts examination all around the country for Class 10 as well as Class 11 & 12.

How to see NEB exam routine Class 12?

The routine of such examination can be viewed through official website of Nepal Education Board i.e, by following the given steps:

Go to the website of NEB A homepage of Nepal Education Board is displayed. You can see a “Notices” button in the webpage. Click the Notices Button then you are directed to a webpage of Notices. Or If you scroll down the Homepage webpage you can see Notices table with various latest information displayed. You can view the latest notice regarding the exam routine and various other information like change of exam schedule, holidays etc. If you click “More Notice” then you are directed to a webpage of Notices where you can view all the issued notices by Nepal Examination Board.

neb exam routine class 12

In the Notices page you can get the information about the Exam Routine of class 11 and 12 along with the Examination Centres in various cities in Nepal. Also if there is any change in schedule of Exam, notice for the same can be viewed from this page. For example if you need Routine of Class 11, Click the Notice having details about the exam schedule of class 11 and you are directed to a new page giving you details about the exam schedule from where you can view or download the exam routine.

Hope this information would guide you to check the NEB Routine for class 11 & 12 examination.

NEB is not any private organization established for earning profit or other but it is one of the government organization established for making student life ease or in other word to provide comfortable service for education department. NEB plays an important role in the students’ life as well as ease for educational department it is also one of the part of educational department. As if there is no NEB our education system may be poor as there may occur many difficulties for student to upgrade their marks or it would be hard for them to study. So NEB plays a significant role for making education system ease for students to pass out easily.





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