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With education policies being revised along with amendment of new constitution, some major transformations have been seen in the education and the school system in Nepal. HSEB (Higher Secondary Education Board) has transformed into NEB (National Examination Board). Formerly, HSEB looked after and regulated the education and examination of only Grade 11 and Grade 12. But with inclusion of Grade 11 and Grade 12 at the secondary level in school, it will regulate School Leaving Certificate (SLC) too. There are NEB district offices in respective regions to regulate the education and control overall Grade 11 and Grade 12 schooling.

Previously, SLC was issued upon successful completion of Grade 10. It used to be nationwide examination. This was controlled by Examination Controllers Office. However, Grade 10 examination has now been transformed to be controlled by regional offices. It will be in the Provincial or the regional level. HSEB was transformed into NEB as per the eighth amendment to the Education Act, 1971.

NEB National Examinations Board District offices everywhere

As per the amendment all the higher secondary level schools will now be managed by DoE with the help of NEB. All the operations of HSEB will be regulated by NEB. All the staffs working in HSEB are also now officially the staffs of NEB. With the extension of role, NEB shan’t only regulate Grade 11 and Grade 12 examinations but will also look after Grade 10 and Grade 8 examinations further. So far, Grade 8 examinations shall be at the district level, SEE – Grade 10 examination will be in provincial level and Grade 12 examination is set to be national level examination.

National Examination Board will control and regulate all the works via its central office. Meanwhile, it will coordinate through its district offices for district level governance. The certificates of the examinations will also be available for distribution via NEB district offices. Currently, National Examination Board is functioning with 11 regional offices in coordination with District Education Offices. These regional offices will be providing all the NEB related services to the students and District based offices. NEB plans to establish district offices in coordination with District Education Offices in all 75 districts of the nation. With recent transformation of HSEB to NEB, lots of revisions and edits are yet to be made. The work area and responsibilities have been added. NEB has also been planning to make additional regional and provincial offices for smooth operation.

neb district offices
neb district offices

NEB district offices and NEB central office

The central office of NEB is at Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. The former office of the HSEB has now been the central office for National Examinations Board. All the operations are regulated from the office based at Bhaktapur. The works are also redirected to the regional and NEB district offices.

NEB National Examinations Board Contact Information

National Examinations Board

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Tel: +977 01 6630848, 6631586, 6630598.

Contact Information on district offices, regional offices and provincial offices shall also be updated soon. As soon as the National Examinations Board starts their operation from their respective regional offices, the contact information shall be made available. Stay updated for more information on National Examinations Board, NEB Results, NEB Examinations Routine.

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