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National Examinations Board Nepal always publish grade 11 result and grade 12 result. NEB manages, conducts and publishes result of XI result and XII result. In this article, we will talk about NEB result 2075. We will discuss about different aspects of checking NEB result for management and science students, and thus will lead to the logical conclusion.

How does NEB publish result? When is NEB result?

Neb publishes result in grading system. When NEB used to be called as HSEB, marking system was common. Since few years NEB publishes result in grades.

neb result 2075

When does NEB publish result?

NEB publishes result through out the year. Most noteworthy, there are almost four results that NEB needs to publish in a single year.

  • The NEB management result class 11: Nepal Examination Board publishes management result for class 11 after Tihar.
  • NEB management result class 12: NEB publishes NEB management result  for class 12 in the month of Magh.
  • NEB science result class 11: NEB publishes NEB science result for class 11 in a month after Tihar. Science result publishes before the result of management.
  • NEB science result class 12: NEB publishes NEB science result class 12 in the month of Magh. Science result publishes before the result of management.

neb result class 11 2075

NEB Result

NEB result is available in three different ways. The most common result checking platform for NEB is online. Here are the list of most important websites to check NEB result.

These most important two websites help to check NEB result with grades. There are few more websites which provide online result check service. It is better not to remember those names. These two will be sufficient for you to check Neb Nepal result.

neb result

NEB result is available through landline phone. You might not know this service. This is the oldest service ever to check result. Previously, HSEB result publishes through landline phone. It is much easy than as complex it sounds. The easy step includes to pick the phone receiver and dial 1601 to check the result. You will be followed up with the different instructions. Dial your symbol number and you will be provided with your result. Isn’t it easy?

NEB result is available on mobile. You can use simple text message service to check your result. NEB SMS Result is easy to check. You must know the syntax for sending SMS. The most important thing is that, always use Nepal Telecom SMS service to check the result. It is the only cheapest way to check result through SMS. Hence, we only recommend using Nepal Telecom NEB result check service.

NEB<space>Symbol Number and SMS to 1601.

It costs you only one rupees to use this sms service. This is the most cheapest service to check your NEB results by SMS service. Moreover, here are the expensive services if you wish to use.

Type NEB Symbol Number & send SMS to 35001.

This service is provided by Sparrow SMS. It seems like an expensive service. It costs 5 rupees excluding tax. Hence, use Nepal Telecom NEB result check sms service.

Something about NEB.NTC.NET.NP

Most of the students has this word hanging in their mind. is the website where students can get their NEB result with grades. There are furthermore usage of this website. Students can print the ledger from website to apply for admission until they receive their transcript. Hence, result helps students to check the result online.

Something about NEB.GOV.NP

Previously, used to look after higher secondary education board. With the need of change in education system of Nepal, NEB was introduced. NEB totally replaced with grading system in Nepal. There are few advantages of NEB grading system. It increased the literacy rate in Nepal with increase in pass rate. Another fact is that, it decreased suicide attempts by students after hearing their failure result. Hence, NEB uplifted some drawbacks of HSEB.

When will NEB result publish?

We can only predict the result seeing the trends from past. Usually, class 12 results publish after festivals whereas class 11 results publish in the month of Magh. This is just an approximation because only NEB official board can give this answer if they are running on time. Due to unpredictable events like election, earthquake, flood and other natural calamities can hamper the timing of NEB result.

NEB Class 11 Result 2075

NEB class 11 result is on a way. You can check NEB result for class 11 with the steps we have mentioned. Election is the main reason to delay the result procedure. Therefore, NEB class 11 result will be published within a week.

NEB Class 12 Result 2075

NEB class 12 result is on the way. It is easy to check NEB result for class 12 with the steps provided. Class 12 result was predicted to be on the month of kartik. Election in all regions of Nepal delayed the result process by few months. Therefore, we appreciate your patience and wish you everyone a very good luck for result.

neb result class 12 2075

NEB result for class 11 and class 12

NEB result grades can not be same as you guess the mark after appearing the exam. Sometimes, the result may get worsen or sometimes better. It depends upon your skills to express your ideas in NEB exam. We have heard lots of students giving up their life after NEB result. Each student must know that one who rides the horse, may fall anytime. Education is something but not everything. So, do not try to give up your life getting low grades in NEB result. Instead, try hard next time because life is always an examination.

www neb gov np 2074 +

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  1. Poojan Dhakal says:

    class 11 result will be published in grade or percentage ?when will it be published ?

    1. Class 11 result will be published in grades. It will be published very soon.

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