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Nepal Airlines booking is open. Nepal Airlines Booking online is available only from here. You can book Nepal Airlines flight within a minute. For booking domestic flights and international flights by Nepal Airlines, it is quite difficult as Nepal Airlines do not have its online flight booking website for Nepal. So, for Nepal Airlines Booking, you can contact Nepal Airlines Office with the phone numbers listed below.

Nepal Airlines Booking

Nepal Airlines Pokhara: 061-465021, 061-463013 Nepal Airlines Jomsom: 069-440081 Nepal Airlines Manang: 019-442000 Nepal Airlines Lukla: 984286869 Nepal Airlines Bharatpur: 056-530470 Nepal Airlines Biratnagar: 021-470661, 021-470336 Nepal Airlines Bhojpur: 029-420167 Nepal Airlines Phaplu: 038-520167 Nepal Airlines Rumjatar: 037-540114 Nepal Airlines Taplejung: 024-460167 Nepal Airlines Lamidanda: 036-690205 Nepal Airlines Tumlingtar: 029-569167 Nepal Airlines Kangeldanda: 9741068402 Nepal Airlines Thamkharka: 033-620985 Nepal Airlines Khanidanda:  9743001494 Nepal Airlines Nepalgunj:  081-520767 Nepal Airlines Bajhang: 092-421009 Nepal Airlines Bajura: 9741105585 Nepal Airlines Dolpa: 087-670081 Nepal Airlines Rukum: 9847936568 Nepal Airlines Simikot: 087-680037 Nepal Airlines Jumla: 087-520093 Nepal Airlines Talcha: 9748900647 Nepal Airlines Chaurjhari: 9741062940

 Nepal Airlines booking online is available only from here. Nepal Airlines is a pioneer airlines company of Nepal with lots of flight to different parts of Nepal daily. On comparison to other airline companies, Nepal Airlines has cheap flight fares to different part in Nepal. Nepal Airlines run its domestic as well as international flights. Nepal Airlines Booking is available over here.

New update:

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) was incorporated on 1 July 1958 through enactment of Nepal Airlines Corporation Act. 2019 with the following main objective:

to provide air transport service to any person, agency or organization who need such service for transportation of men or materials from one airport to another either within or outside the country.

Profile of Aircrafts used in NAC services.


Douglas DC-3 Dakota
28-seater Dakota, NAC‘s very first aircraft, has become an icon of Nepal‘s aviation history. In many parts of the Kingdom, the people‘s initial encounter with the modern world was the DC-3, long before the cars got here. The last of these planes flew into the sunset in 1973.

Fong Shu Harvester AN-2
This 12-seater Chinese plane joined the fleet in 1963. Nepal Airlines had two of them which were in service for a brief period. They flew on domestic route till 1965.


Pilatus Porter PC-6
This single-engine air craft entered service in 1961. Manufactured in Switzerland, it seated six persons. The plane proved extremely suitable for Nepal‘s mountainous terrain where STOL capability was put to full use. NAC was flying one till 1998.

Fokker Friendship F-27
The Fokker launched Nepal into the turboprop era. In operation from 1966 to 1970, it carried 44 passengers and flew to NAC‘s international destinations. A lot of prestige was attached to travelling in a Fokker in those days.

Hawker Siddley HS-748 Avro
Nepal Airlines obtained its first Avro in 1970. The 44-seater planes were utilized on domestic and international sectors. The immensely popular sight-seeing excursion -the Mountain Flight -were also conducted by Avros.

Twin Otter DHC-6
The arrival of the Twin Otter was another turning point in the Kingdom‘s aviation scenario. Brought into service in 1971, this 19-seater Canadian plane was instrumental in opening up the mountainous interior. It could land and take off from small and rough airstrips. And suddenly, far-flung villages and remote trail-heads were only minutes away.

Boeing 727
The nation became the proud possessor of a jet plane carrier with the induction of a Boeing 727 in 1972. People would rush to their roof -tops to watch in awe as the sleek craft came in screaming from beyond the hills. Carrying 123 passengers, it connected Kathmandu with regional destinations and remained in service till 1993.

Boeing 757
The first of Nepal Airlines‘ two 757s arrived in 1987. Flying on long-haul routes and displaying the national flag at world airports, they helped Nepal make its presence felt in the international aviation scene. The 757 holds 190 passengers.



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