Nepal constitution 2072 Constitution of Nepal 2072

Constitution of Nepal 2072 in pdf download from here. You can read full Nepal constitution 2072 online as well. New constitution in Nepal is raising a new hope among people for the development of country. नेपालको संविधान is available here. You can download constitution of Nepal 2072.

Constitution of Nepal 2072 2015 was applied from Ashoj 3 2072 which is 20th of September 2015. Constitution of Nepal is written in Nepali. You can download it from here online.

Nepal constitution 2072

Read constitution of Nepal 2072 online here. It is in Nepali. You can read it. If you want to read in English, you can use Google translate to translate it.

New features of Constitution of Nepal 2072

  • Federal Republic
  • Nepalese can get citizenship of Nepal by mothers name or fathers name
  • Citizenship to NRN
  • etc (for more read the constitution of Nepal)

New hope of constitution of Nepal

Hope the new Nepal constitution 2072 bring peace in the country with a sustainable development. Nepalese are excited with the new constitution of Nepal 2072. After many years, Nepal has finally got its constitution for the country. Many countries congratulated and wished for the peace and prosperous of Nepal after the issue of new Nepal constitution.

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