Nepal Gold Rate with Recent Gold Price in Nepal

It is better to know the Gold Rate in Nepal today. On reading this article, you will be updated with Nepal gold rate today. Gold price in Nepal is fluctuating and changing day by day. Not only in the Nepali gold Market, but also in international market Gold rate is rapidly changing day by day.

These days Dollar Rate is crossing the limits of Nepalese rupee 117 for a single dollar. Gold rate is also increasing rapidly. The gold rate was 50 thousand per Tola a month before.

These days, Gold price in Nepal is 62 thousand per Tola.

Nepal Gold rate today

For new pricing of gold daily on Nepali Market, the website is there named Nepal gold price. This website has updated gold price in Nepal and is updated daily for ease of gold researchers, gold business analyzers, and gold marketers.

Price of gold in Nepal has small change compared to yesterday. There is no significant change in gold rate today.nepal gold rate today

Gold Price increases or decreases unknowingly. It increases some day and decreases without knowing the next day. Gold price in Nepal is shown on the right of this page.

Gold rate in Nepal is updated daily on this page. Nepal gold price is not increased so much since yesterday.

Factors for Changing Nepal Gold Rate

There are lots of factors which affects the gold price in Nepal. We have listed out the most important factors that effects price of gold rate in Nepal.

  • With increase in dollar rate, Gold Rate decreases.
  • Gold rate also depends on demand. When demand for gold increases, gold rate increases.

That is why increase in demand during festival season in Nepal increases the price of gold increases.

Gold price in Kathmandu today

Gold price in Kathmandu today is updated over here. Gold Price in Kathmandu today has fluctuated a lot. See increasing or decreasing gold rate in Nepal today. Gold price today is listed here in Tola. gold price in kathmandu

Gold Price in Kathmandu is fluctuating day by day. Although in the international market, gold price changes with few hours, Nepal has a stable gold price today.

Nepal is 500 Nepalese rupee expensive in tola than Gold Price in Kathmandu. Maybe it is due to the transportation charges from capital to other parts of a country. Gold price in Kathmandu is not so much changed since yesterday. There are only a few rupees differences since yesterday and today.  It is not so much change in Gold Price in Nepal.

Gold price in Pokhara today

Gold Price in Pokhara today is displayed on the right of this page. You can get every update on Pokhara Gold price today on the right of this article.

The Gold rate in Pokhara is updated daily in this page. The buyers will be greatly helped and they can buy gold comparing the changes in Pokhara gold rate today and price in pokhara

Gold price in Pokhara is shown on the right. It will help everyone in Pokhara for buying Gold. Gold price in Pokhara has not fluctuated by significant amount today.

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