Nepal Loadshedding Schedule Apps for Mobile (Java, Blackberry, Iphone, More)

Mobile Application has made easier. Nowadays, different apps are providing new loadshedding schedule of Nepal. Apps can be installed in mobile. Different format of applications has been made to support on different mobile phones. Separate apps has been made for blackberry, separate for i phone, separate apps for java supported mobile phone.

For Android Mobile

Nepal Load shedding Schedule is a free app and serves all android users with efficient way to view loadshedding schedule. You can view, create widget, receive notification before/after the loadshedding.

Nepal Loadshedding App for Google Chrome:

Battigayo for Iphone

This provides extreme feature on Iphone. You can check the following with Battigayo apps.

  1. Check Load Shedding schedule in your group
  2. View Load Shedding schedule for all groups
  3. Useful flash light during Load Shedding
  4. Group & alert settings
  5. Receive alerts before Load Shedding


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