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Latest loadshedding schedule (March 29 2016, 2072 Chaitra 16) by Nepal electricity authority NEA download new loadshedding schedule (power cut schedule Nepal) from here. Download PDF document with loadshedding schedule is available in this page. You can download this latest loadshedding schedule and use it on your own way. Latest schedule is updated to make your life easier. NEA loadshedding schedule is generated new on timely manner. So, we are bound to update this routine regularly to provide visitors.

Loadshedding schedule is available on mobile phone as a mobile application. It is also printed on the daily newspaper so that the schedule reaches to millions of people as soon as it is updated. This time too, we are providing loadshedding schedule through website online media which has become one of the powerful news tool in Nepal. This vitality slash plan is kept up to date as new timetable is rolled out regularly. As load-shedding schedule has been kind of basic dependence on us, we should take note about the noticeable change in this schedule to keep our very own time-table, it is available nearly every where, from your cellphone to the newspaper, here we could offering you in an electronic way and we are providing you the schedule online. Download and stay updated with the latest loadshedding schedule by or even you can download and print out it out as per your requirement.

Latest Loadshedding routine by Nepal electricity power NEA is exactly what controls our day to day activities, it looks like NEA is managing your entire day to day activities. Even being placed as world’s second major water resource country we must depend after a routine for electricity uses. Hoping the end of loadshedding schedule in near future, we are providing you with the latest loadshedding schedule. PDF record is designed for download, download will be form NEA download website link officially, Download this PDF document from the hyperlink below.


The good cause of Loadshedding routine being truly a pattern in Nepal is the fact, we’ve been so much persuaded our hydro electricity crops cannot generate much electricity our country needs. So therefore we adopt the schedule and plan our work time, play time, food time, TV set time according to the schedule. So, as this timetable control buttons our life indirectly we have been very much like dependent on these schedules. Whenever a new schedule has gone out by NEA, we don’t ask the authorities why it has changed or increased we instead follow the new plan and adopt in to the new schedule.

latest loadshedding schedule


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