Nepal loadshedding 3 Reasons with solution

Nepal Loadshedding is a severe problem for the development of Nepal. Although Nepal has potential of generating 50 thousand mega watt of electrical power from its fast flowing rivers, Nepal has lots of reasons for having severe loadshedding problem. Nepal is commonly known as second richest country in water sources. The fast flowing rivers through hills all around the country, hundreds of lakes made the country naturally beautiful. In spite of having numerous source of water resources, Nepal is financially lagging for having hydro power plants for generating hydo electricity.

Nepal Loadshedding 3 Reasons

 1) Financial Problem

Nepal is a developing country and its slowly moving ahead on the development path. All the sectors like transportation, communication, health, education are on average level. The annual budget of a country must be spread equally in each sector for the steady development. So, Nepal Government could not give its full budget for installing hydro-power plants. ADB (Asian Development Bank) is supporting Nepal for development of different sectors.

nepal loadshedding

2) Political Instability

Nepal is in transition phase. After a sudden change in Monarchy system in Nepal, Nepal is politically unstable for 11 years. Nepal do not have constitution, good laws, good rules and regulations. During the 10 years of underground war in Nepal by Maoist, Maoist destroyed lots of hydro-power plants which made Nepal more behind.

3) Public Awareness

The literacy rate of Nepal is only 71.6 percent for men and 44.5 percent for women. People are not aware of different factors which increase Nepal loadshedding. Use of low power consumption electrical equipment is necessary for minimizing Nepal loadshedding. Public should be made aware of not making unnecessary demands when a hydro-power plants are ready to installed.  Public should be aware of the necessity of electrical power for the development of country.


Nepal Loadshedding hour is increasing and increasing which has been a great hindrance for development of the country. Industries, Factories, Hospitals each and every sector needs electrical power for the efficient running. Without the sufficient electrical power, metro trains, cable cars can not be installed which hampers the living standard of people in the country. So, Nepal Government should make effective plans and projects for having long term development in Hydro energy. This will help on decreasing Nepal loadshedding hour.


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