Nepal Rastra Bank Notice

Nepal Rastra Bank is the central bank of Nepal. Nepal rastra bank exchange rate. Nepal rastra bank manages all banks in Nepal, provides daily Nepal exchange rate for foreign currency. Nepal rastra bank is dedicated on developing secure, healthy and efficient payment system in Nepal. It supervises banks and financial companies to maintain its stability. Nepal Rastra Bank is constantly dedicated for financial development of Nepal.

nepal rastra bank

Nepal Rastra Bank Important Notice

  • Nepal rastra bank requests all to send their money through bank or remittance. Hundi is illegal. So, do send through bank or remittance.
  • Deposit saving amount in bank.
  • National paper notes (currency notes) are our income. Lets use it wisely.
  • Exchange foreign currency only from Nepal rastra bank authorized ex-changers. Buying selling foreign currency is illegal.
  • Notices of “winning lottery” or “You have received money” in your sms or email may be fraud. So stay clever from being bankrupt.
  • Lets discourage the unnecessary expenses. Lets make the habit of saving money. Saving money is only the way to revenue progress.
  • If you are doing banking transactions, make a habit to learn terms and conditions, interest rates, loan rates and base rate of the bank.

Nepal rastra bank Nepal exchange rate

Nepal rastra bank provides daily Nepal exchange rate of foreign currencies. For getting exchange rate details, you need to log in to On the right most section, you will see Foreign Exchange Rates. This section provides the information about exchange rate. This Nepal exchange rate section is updated daily. Nepal rastra bank is only the governing body to manage Nepal exchange rate of Nepal.

nepal exchange rate

If you are checking exchange rate of specific date, you can also do it. provides service for knowing Nepal exchange rate of previous dates too. You can select your specific date on the drop down menu available on that page. You can get exchange rate of all currencies.

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