Nepal Telecom reduced call tariff! Good News

Nepal Telecom has slashed its tariff for making calls from basic telephone service and subscription charge of CDMA Skyphone service.

The CDMA skyphone subscription, which currently costs Rs 1135, will be available for Rs 600 including a talk time worth Rs 500. Similarly, the tariff for making calls from basic telephone service to GSM and CDMA network of the company has been slashed by 50 percent to Rs 1 per minute.

NT has also cut down tariff for making calls from one zone to the other within the same basic telephone service network. Now, it will charge Rs 1.50 during business hour (8 am-6 pm) from existing Rs 2 per minute.

Nepal Telecom has decided to waive the penalty for outstanding bills of basic telecom service.

NT had slashed data charges by 33 percent to 10 paisa per 100 kb for using data through GPRS, PDSN, EVDO and 3G technologies


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