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These History can clearly describe History of Nepal. Nepali History is very long and the amazing one. These videos can easily describe Nepalese History from the beginning. Documentary like Greater Nepal also has been added on this page to make more effective. Documentary named Greater Nepal is the best documentary which proves Nepalese bravery of Nepali History.

Greater Nepal Full Documentary Watch Online

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The history of Nepal has been influenced by its position in the Himalayas and its two neighbours, modern day India and China.

Due to the arrival of disparate settler groups from outside through the ages, it is now a multiethnic, multicultural, multi religious, and multilingual country. Central Nepal was split in three kingdoms from the 15th century until the 18th century, when it was re-unified under the Shah monarchy. The national and most spoken language of Nepal is Nepali.

Nepal experienced a struggle for democracy in the 20th century. During the 1990s and until 2008, the country was in civil strike. A peace treaty was signed in 2008 and elections were held in the same year. In a historical vote for the election of the constituent assembly, Nepalese parliament voted to oust themonarchy in June 2008. Nepal was formally renamed the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal when it became a federal republic.


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