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Nepali Jokes have always been amazing for time pass. They often use slang but also cover common issues of a common mans daily life. They have lots of humors and events making them funny. No matter written in English or Nepali, they can turn people in gloomy mood to laughing faces. Nepali jokes are indeed very much powerful and can be good laughter medicines. After all laughing is good for health.

Nepali Jokes develops professionalism

Jokes are also of different categories based upon the nature of content they cover. Jokes are sometimes used to make fun of some professions and sometimes of some specific habits or events too. A joke early in the morning really makes the whole day fulfilled. Jokes are often good time pass during leisure time and no matter how old a man is, he is fond of jokes. There are millions of jokes in Nepali and we Nepalese have grown hearing lots of them. They are great mind fresheners.

A joke generally consists of conversation of two or multiple party and answering to each other in a different way. Simple answers would be expected by everyone but when the answer is found insensible and abnormal, it surprises people bringing them great laughter and amusement. Jokes are often cracked in informal meetings, conversation. However, they have also been practiced as talent demonstration these days. Whenever, it comes to entertainment in a program too, jokes are presented. In class, teacher also cracks jokes to make students laugh so that they remain fresh. Meanwhile, students present jokes so that they are confident to speak and communicate fluently in front of others.

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Nepali Jokes are very funny and they often cover topics related to our society, people, and events and sometimes they are also used as satire for various groups or events that are not appreciated. In recent times, lots of jokes are made on politicians too due to the failure they are facing. No matter what, jokes never intend to hurt sentiments of others and are basically meant to entertain and make mood of people. Nepali Jokes have been making millions of Nepalese laugh.

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