Nepali Khana – Nepali Parikar Top Food of Nepal

Various Nepali khana (Nepali Parikar) are available in Nepal. Nepal is a country consisting wide range of cultures, preferences and ethnicity. This has determined the clothing as well as fooding behavior. With large number or caste and ethnicities, there are numbers of Nepali Khana too. However, should an overall list be made on Nepali Parikar and Top Food of Nepal, some cuisines would certainly be not supposed to be left out.

We Nepalese are certainly proud of our authentic Nepali food, Dhido and Gundruk. Dhido is semi solid food made by cooking the floor of maize, kodo or fapar in deep heat. It is very necessary to be cautious about the amount of water to be added. Gundruk is dehydrated form of leaves or vegetables. It turns sour after sometime and can be used as pickle as well as vegetable.

Nepalese also enjoy eating dry fried Maize and beans called as Makai and Bhatmas. The list of Top Food of Nepal also comprises Mo:Mo. It is internationally known as dumplings. However, it is locally called Mo:Mo. Chowmein makes to the list of top food of Nepal.

Nepali Khana – Nepali Parikar Top Food of Nepal

nepali khana

Other than these foods, if a slight deviation is made looking at local dishes, Sekuwa, Thukpa, Bara, Chatamari are some more mouth watering foods. Nepalese culture is rich in spices and foods. Nepalese prefer spicy food. Those mentioned are very much important names in food culture of Nepal but when it comes to daily consumption, Rice and bread cannot be left out.

Nepalese consume food rich in carbohydrate. Majority of Nepalese consume Rice both in lunch and dinner. There is huge list when it comes to Nepali Parikar. Nepal has diverse communities from east to west and north to south and every community has their own dishes. Bhakka, Bagiya, Thekuwa, Puwa are some delicious foods common in the Terai region. Nepal also has home-made drinks very authentic in taste. Tumba, Chhyang, Marfa are some amazing drinks that are often prepared by housewives.

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