Nepali Poems

Nepali poems have also been part of our culture. They are also habit of significant numbers of Nepalese when it comes to expression of feelings, sentiments, emotions, respect as well as appreciation. People generally compose poems for personal reference while they also like to recite them to friends or mass. Similarly, some of these Nepali poems also get published so that larger number of people can go through beautiful words.

Motiram Bhatta, Lekhnath Poudel, Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Madhav Prasad Ghimire are some of the greatest literary figures when it comes to Nepali poems. They have handed over great heritage to Nepalese society. Their poems have been of great heritage and significant assets for us. Their published poems and works have blown minds of millions with words composed with grace and beauty. This is something special about poem. The words presented appear very elegant but powerful too. They have always been one of the strongest ways of expression. However, it isn’t easy to compose poems as one has to play through lot of words.

Nepali poets that can never be forgotten in Nepali Poem history

However understanding their significance, Nepalese try composing poems from early years. Students compose poems from earlier grades as this helps them in comprehension and they become expressive and confident too. They get to learn lots of new words hence helping them to develop their writing skills too. Nepali poems are appreciated a lot in our society and so are the poets. Nepali poems have been part of our text and they are also talked about and recited during leisure times. Some are very sentimental bringing tears while some are full of fun bringing laughter. No matter what, the poems are amazing.

There are various categories of poems. The poems are categorized in various Chhandas. They are of different types based on the number of lines. The number of syllables also defines their types. However, there is no specific rule when it comes to expression of feelings so, you can just go on inscribing what flows through your mind and heart and you will find things finishing with a beautiful piece of writing and should some components make through to the basics, they become poem.


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