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Nepali songs are popular not only in Nepal but also in different parts of world. This has been proved by Kutumba’s journey to Coke Studio Pakistan, Ani Choying’s performance for Oscar Winning Music Director AR Rehman in Coke Studio India, Nepali song being used in Bollywood in Hindi translation. Nepali songs consist of lots of love and compassion. They contain story, life and feelings. Nepali songs have long history. From Hariyo Dada Mathi to Aakhama Timro Aakha ma, lots of artists have contributed through their work. Lots of turns have been seen. Lots of new practices and new genres have come through.

Till the date, Nepali songs are sung in almost all the genres with R&B, Rap, Metal, Hip Hop being some of the youngest. Narayan Gopal, Koili Devi, Arun Thapa built the bases. Nabin K Bhattarai, Sugam Pokhrel, Kunti Moktan, Resham Chaudhari, Anil Singh, Nepathya built walls and now the new generation of artists like Kamal Khatri, Sasheet KC, Aastha Tamang, Shreya Sotang are building roof and decoration. The Nepali songs are growing in commercial point of view too as the artists have started earning good amount singing songs. They get to perform in various concerts and programs. YouTube monetization is also paying them well. Many singers do not though they can earn good amount from YouTube monetization, few of them has started and are paid well.  So, Nepali music industry has also been attractive lots of youths in the recent days.

Nepali Songs and Nepali Singers

nepali songs nepali singers

With time, the Nepali songs are adapting various changes too as the western culture is clearly affecting Nepali society. Modernization can be seen and experienced even in the Nepali songs. Folk songs are using modern instruments, music videos are taken abroad and electronic media are used for sound production. Modern gadgets are into practice. Nepali songs are also going through evolution but things are getting favorable as large numbers of songs are produced in different genres so, people can listen according to their preferences.

Moreover, Nepali artists are also being able to raise their standard and compete in the international market. Overall, things are progressing. Singing isn’t just an interest now for people as they also see it as profession that will help them earn handsome money. Similarly, they get to live life of a celebrity. Nepali songs are certainly incredible and amazing.

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