Nepali Songs

Nepali songs are very beautiful and melodious. We have grown up hearing hundreds and thousands of Nepali songs. Over time, Nepali music industry is also evolving and getting commercialized. Songs are not sung just for entertainment but also for money these days. Singing has also become a profession.

There have been many famous singers in Nepali song industry. Arun Thapa, Narayan Gopa, Tara Devi, Kunti Moktan, Anil Singh, Nabin K Bhattarai, Sugam Pokhrel are some popular names. There have been various genres of songs. There are various types of songs and different group of people like different genres based on preferences. Folk music, modern, pop and rock are some popular genres in Nepali songs. However, the recent generation is also getting into metal and electronic music. The new generation artists like GXSOUL, COD, Kamal Khatri, Aastha B, Subani Moktan have given different modification to Nepali songs but their works are also being appreciated highly.

nepali songs
Nepali Songs by Narayan Gopal


There are lots of bands too singing Nepali songs. 1974 AD, Albatross, Edge, Nepathya are some popular bands while Tumbleweed, Anuprastha, Alt F4 are other modern bands. Nepali music still lags behind in terms of financial strength however, artists are very much dedicated towards their work and slowly, the industry is growing and is making it capable to provide the artists sustainable life. The new artists are using various new techniques and also adopting western styles. The music videos of Nepali songs can be found being influenced by various other cultures. R&B is a genre that has grown to popularity over night and lots of Nepali youth are attracted towards this genre.

When it comes to Nepali songs, Raps have also been important part. DA69, Girish, Nirnaya, Bullet Flo are some popular rappers of Nepali songs. They are very much fluent with their verse and add more energy to the song. Nepali songs also have long history and some artists have achieved remarkable height also being recognized in world music. A song “Timro tyo aankha ko gahiraima dubna deu” was adapted by Hindi movie in Hindi version. Meanwhile, Kutumba performed in Coke Studio Pakistan. Our Nepali daughter Ani Choying also performed for Academy Award Winner AR Rehman in Coke Studio India.

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