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Writing Nepali status on Facebook, Twitter is amazing. People usually search for Nepali status for Facebook and twitter. We have listed out numerous Nepali status that can be shared by people through their Facebook profile as well as their twitter profile.

Nepali status

nepali status

Sharing Nepali status through Facebook is fun. Sharing status in Nepali increases maximum reach as it seems to be unique among friends. People prefer reading Nepali status and give more attention to it. Writing something in English, Nepalese do not give much more attention as writing status in Nepali. Continue reading status written in Nepali.

nepali status facebook

Nepali status importance

Facebook, Twitter has been very much famous in Nepal. There are hardly few number of people who do not have Facebook account in Nepal. With the increasing craze of Facebook, Nepalese wish to show their presence in Facebook with unique profile photos and cover photos. People forget to give importance to write Nepali status on Facebook. Writing Nepali status increases the attention to people. A research has been made where 90% of people went through short status written in Nepali whereas 90% of people missed to read short status written in English. Only 10% people missed Nepali short status. That is why writing status has been vital part of Facebook.

If you have idea to write status in English language, you can write in Nepali from Type in Nepali Unicode. It converts roman letters in Nepali which helps to write in Nepali language.

Nepali facebook status plays vital role on your personality development. Writing facebook status in nepali language increases your post reach to many people. You can get  lots of best nepali language status for facebook in this page. If you like these Nepali funny status, please do share it with your friends. If you have more status, you can include them in your comment section. Sharing is always good thing.


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