NEPATHYA to perform Live in the WEMBLEY ARENA ,this Saturday!

NEPATHYA  is going to be the first Band in Nepal to Perform Live in WEMBLEY ARENA which is one of the UK’s largest Venue this saturday(Aug. 3rd)

BBC ASIA writes on its web page ; ” Nepalese folk-rock band Nepathya are to play as the headline act in a concert at London’s Wembley Arena on Saturday, one of the UK’s largest venues.”

The rockers hope Nepalese music will, as they put it, catch fire all over the world. Organizers say that people are travelling to the UK from Holland, Belgium, Norway and the US for the show, which has had widespread media coverage in Nepal.

“It is like a dream come true to play at Wembley,” singer Amrit Gurung said.

The band – which formed in 1990 – is famed for its “peace tours” during the 1996-2006 Nepalese civil war.”Education for Peace”, and many Peace tour programs are already done by NEPATHYA!


The band have also played concerts across the world, including in India, Hong Kong, the United States, South Korea, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Israel.

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