1) Public vehicles (micro bus,taxi) will be allocated fixed place for taking in and dropping passengers,no stoppage of public vehicles beyond STOPPAGE POINT. Meaning,Public vehicles can’t stop wherever they like.
2) A YELLOW mark to be allocated for parking of taxi and motorbike. Putting your vehicle beyond YELLOW mark means your vehicle(motorbike) will be towed away to TRAFFIC POLICE, prithvi chowk.A fine of Rs 1000 for violators.
3) Parking in no parking zone,turning vehicle in U-turn prohibited zone will be fined accordingly.
4) NAYABAZAR and NEWROAD road will be made ONE WAY. (proposed)

traffic in pokhara

This rule will come to effect soon.Most probably 2-3 months from now.FOLLOW THE TRAFFIC RULES AND STAY AWAY FROM BEING FINED!!!
Fully supporting the step of NEPAL TRAFFIC POLICE and LOCAL ADMINISTRATION.Good work!!!!

New update:

Rampant irregularity has taken place at the Zonal Transportation Management Office (ZTMO), Pokhara, while issuing driving licences. Till mid-January, nearly all applicants got licences after greasing the palms of the office employees, a highly-placed source said.

As per data available at the office, more than 90 percent of the total applicants were given driving licences in violation  of the rules of the written tests and trial results.

The source at the office admitted that nearly all “failed” applicants were absentees during the written test and trial result. However, after traffic police personnel were deployed during the driving trials only 454 of the total 2,032 applicants were given licences in a month (from mid-January to mid-February). The source said the police officials strictly followed the rules. Sub-Inspector Shiva Thapa, a traffic police representative posted to monitor the trial, said DIG Upendrakanta Aryal had directed them to perform their duty honestly so that licences would be issued to genuine applicants only.

An employee at the zonal transport management office said on condition of anonymity they take Rs. 700 to Rs. 2,000 as bribe—(Rs. 700 for a two-wheeler licence, Rs. 1,000 for light vehicles and Rs. 2,000 for heavy vehicles).

He said they used to collect Rs. 1.5 million to Rs. 2.5 million every month and shared the amount among all office employees and the police. He claimed the office chief used to be given 12 percent of the total amount, while officers, traffic police personnel and employees at the accounts section would get 10 percent each. Likewise, non-gazetted first class officers (Subba) and non-gazetted second class officers (Kharidar) and peons used to be given 8, 7 and 2 percent respectively as their share.

An employee involved in the racket said some quota has been allocated for political parties and other “elite persons” as well. According to him, the office employees collected the money through the ever mushrooming driving institutes in Pokhara. However, zonal transportation management office Acting Chief Kali Bahadur Bhujel denied any wrongdoing. “The allegation is baseless. We never take bribes while providing driving licences,” he claimed.

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