NTC Adsl disconnect problem with solution

Nepal Telecom ADSL internet service is available nearly all around Nepal. More than 40% of high speed internet users in Nepal prefer ADSL. We came to know about some problem being faced by NTC ADSL users. We are here with solution for the problem. Some ADSL users might have problem of automatic disconnection. Some ADSL users are suffocating seeing ADSL as it sometimes connects and sometimes it do not show any signal.

ADSL Problems

  • NTC ADSL Automatic Disconnection
  • NTC ADSL Limited connectivity


Why NTC ADSL disconnects automatically?

Basically, these are the main points which decreases smoothness in ADSL connection. These points are the main problem for ADSL connection.

  • Splitter Connection : If you have connected phone line already before splitter, you may face disconnection in internet time to time.
  • Modem: If you are using low class power adapter of Modem, it may also cause problem in internet connection.
  • Fluctuation of Voltage: Fluctuation on voltage cause voltage surge (rise in voltage) due to which low class adapter could not withstand the fluctuation of voltage. This may restart your Modem time to time. This may cause disconnection on your internet connection.

If you are facing any more problems on your Nepal Telecom ADSL internet connection, you can jot down for help in the comment section below. We engineers would try to provide you solution of your problem. If you like this article, feel free to share to others using social networks. You may help other people who are facing similar kind of problem.

For getting ADSL packages description, internet package costs of ADSL, please visit the official website of ADSL at NT website at http://www.ntc.net.np/internet/adsl/. The normal home user can pay 900 rupees with out taxes for 192 Kbps internet. If you need more faster internet connection, you can pay 1500 rupees with out taxes for 384 Kbps internet connection.

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  1. niranjan bhandari says:

    dear sir i am from butwal 10 sukkhanagar but i am facing dangerous problem for solution i always engage with nt office butwal but he said i dont know for this ……the problem is that the internet power not came after 8:30 pm to 6/7 am? daily for this what can i do

  2. i have recharged sucessfully but my net wont work and expiry date is also as before….tired of trying and trying

  3. the problem with my adsl is that it gets connected for 10 mins and there shows no connection for half and hour this problem has been striking me since a week now please give some help

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