Sharia law

 Sharia law is a Muslim law found in the Sunni Islamic tradition and found in the community of more than 85% Muslims. Almost all Muslims people believe that their Holy book Quran is the word of god and the have to strictly follow the rules and methods written in the quran. There are two categories […] Continue reading →

Windows 8 features

 Microsoft is going to release its new operating system windows 8. Last year microsoft has released its beta version and now it is doing some modification and upgrades in it. There will be various new and unique features of windows 8. Some of uniques features of windows 8 are listed below: 1. Windows 8 can […] Continue reading → is an official website of Nepal Government where we can find the results of eps test taken for getting the authority to work and earn in South Korea. According to the E.P.S. system Many Nepalese people are working and earning in the various field like agriculture, production and services in South Korea. New update: […] Continue reading →

No more rack, no more rack reviews

 How about shopping online? Board with amazon and ebay and searching something cool? Then No More Rack may be great for you. No more rack is an online shopping mall which gives you up to 90% discount on the retail price. You just need to submit your name and email address to create an account […] Continue reading →

Mig33 Emotes and Mig33 Commands (with New Latest Updated)

 Following are the Mig33 Emotes and Mig33 Commands. /lovematch, /findmymatch,  /flames,  /getmyluck, /throwball, /catchball, /stealball  are new chat room commands.   /firebreath/faint/fart/eh/embrace/eek/duck/drunk/drool/doh/cry/cmon /agree /apologizes /argh /bark /bearhug /beer /beg /blink /blowk /blush /boo /bored /bow /brb /burp /caff /cheer /chicken /chuckle /cmon /comfort /confuse /congrat /cringe /cry /doh /drool /drunk /duck /eek /eh /embrace /faint /fart […] Continue reading →

Mobile Banking Application for Mobile of Nepali Banks

 I searched lot for mobile application of different banks finally i could not get through the internet. I just dialed to bank and got a application. I am sharing mobile application of some standard banks of Nepal. Kist Bank– ‘Mwallet Service‘- Application for Mwallet   Prabhu bank mobile application Prabhu bank mobile apps For Android […] Continue reading →

NCELL MMS Setting For Iphone

 Basic configuration for mms setting Many of our user asked to update with NCELL MMS Setting for Iphone. Taking a request seriously, I have updated with NCELL MMS SETTING for Iphone Configuration APN=mms IP address/proxy IP= Port= 9201 (for WAP1) port=8080 (for HTTP or WAP2) MMSC address= Continue reading →

New Year SMS, Happy New Year Wallpaper

 Here are lots of New Year SMS’es and new year Wallpapers that can be sent to your friend, family, relatives. Wish You A…Great, Prosperous, Blissful, Healthy, Bright, Delightful, Mind Blowing, sweaty & Energetic, Terrific & Extremely …happy, very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2073   RENEWAL OF FRIENDSHIP CONTRACT 2073 After serious and cautious consideration, your contract […] Continue reading →

NCELL New Year Offer

 Ncell has come up with New Year Offer.   On the offer, All Ncell existing prepaid subscribers can DIAL 2012 to get New Year Bonus pack.   New year Bonus Pack consists of 2012 seconds talktime, 20SMS, 12MMS and 2012KB data at just Rs. 50 (excl. tax). New subscribers can get Ncell Special New Year […] Continue reading →

STD Codes of Nepal, Trunk Area Code Of Nepal

 District or Town Area Code District or Town Area Code District or Town Area Code District or Town Area Code Achham 97 Damauli 65 Kalaiya 53 Rajbiraj 31 Arghakhanchi 77 Dang 82 Katari 35 Rajpur 84 Bandipur 95 Darchula 93 Kathmandu 1 Ramechap 48 Banepa 11 Dhabi 25 Khadbari 29 Rangeli 21 Baglung 68 Dhading […] Continue reading →