Paypal Fees, New PayPal Fees Announced

This month PayPal announced that they are adding fees to payments issued. These fees are very small and are accordance with PayPal’s global policy. You have until the 20th of February to change your payment option.

This month publishers who have reached the minimum $50 payout and use PayPal to withdrawal their Infolinks’ funds will be charged a small fee from PayPal.

*Publishers from the United States will pay $1 for a withdrawal of any amount.

*Publishers from outside of the United States will pay a 2% fee for withdrawals with a fee limit of $10.

This means that US publishers will be charged a $1 fee for any withdrawal, $50 and up. If you are not a US based publisher you will pay 2% up to $10. That means that:  for a $50 withdrawal – PayPal’s fees are $1, for a $500 withdrawal – PayPal’s fees are $10 and any payout amount above $500 will only pay $10 as well.

Compared to other payment providers with Infolinks, PayPal is still a great option with competitive service fees.



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