Petrol Price Increased Again

Nepal Oil Corporation has increased petrol price by 3 NRS. Now, petrol costs Rs. 105 per litre. Previously petrol used to cost Rs. 102 per liter and diesel and kerosene were available at Rs. 75 per liter.


NOC has also hiked the price of diesel and kerosene by Rs. 1 per liter. Diesel and kerosene costs Rs. 76 per litre.

New update:

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) was established in January 1970 by the Government of Nepal as a state-owned trading company to deal with the import, transportation, storage and distribution of various petroleum products in the country. Now a days Petrol has been changing in 15-15 days in nepal. The rate of petrol is NRs 110.00/L. Petrol is increasing and decreasing in Nepal.


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