PLA integration views by India: Wikileaks Nepal

New US Cable has been found in Wikileaks about context of Nepal. There is a US cable describing People Liberation Army (PLA) integration. Wikileaks leaks the view of India on PLA integration.  The cable shows the following description:

US embassy cable that originated in New Delhi states that India was reluctant to support the integration PLA in Nepal.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs Joint Secretary Satish Mehta told the US embassy official in New Delhi on September 3, 2009 that India’s priority in Nepal was to support a stable, democratic government but was “skeptical about army integration.” Nepal must find its own solution, but commented that “pro democracy forces” want the issue of army integration taken off the table, the cable reads. Mehta told the US officials that the Nepalese Army and the Maoists had incompatible mindsets and that the “financial burden of integration would be too heavy for the GON”.  The Nepal Army, Mehata said, had already nearly doubled in size in the last five to seven years, increasing costs to levels unsustainable for the fragile economy.  The cadres would further bloat the army and, as a group composed mainly of young people who will not retire for years, will extend the burden far into the future.

New update:

Describing about the ways of PLA integration that was thought by INDIA

Mehta proposed seeking alternatives by simply asking the cadres what they want.  He opined that many would be happy to return to civilian life, perhaps with a one-time payment. The first step is to give them choices that might reduce the problem, he suggested.  It is imperative to protect the integrity of the CPA (the constitution, elections, etc), but also to ensure that the chosen solution is sustainable.

“India’s message to the Maoists is mostly in line with ours: political consensus is needed, and the Maoists must completely abandon violence in favor of peace and democratic principles,” the US cable states.

The US believed that India supports getting Maoists cadres out of the cantonments and back into civilian life, but given Mehta’s comments, India may not actively support integration of the PLA

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