Pokhara Lake Side Now 24 hour Entertainment Hotspot

Lake side, tourist hotspot of Pokhara City, will now open round the clock. The local administration recently decided to allow the tourist hub to operate 24X7 so as to make it easier for tourists to enjoy the night life.

The fresh move is expected to help not only the tourists, but also local tourism entrepreneurs amid Nepal Tourism Year 2011.

In order to make tourists feel more comfortable and safe, the police have started to install night-vision CCTV cameras at Lake Side. The administration has also asked dohori and dance restaurants to make their wall sound-proof so that local residents are not disturbed.

Free Internet (wifi) in 3 places of Pokhara from Now. Unlimited internet access, Unlimited download and feel free internet in Pokhara Valley.

Free Wi-Fi in Pokhara

  • Airport Area
  • Lakeside
  • Bindabasini Temple

This mission has been started to complete it by this financial year itself. Currently, you can enjoy free internet around airport area of pokhara.

This mission is started by CAAN.

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