Pokhara University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Syllabus, curriculum

Pokhara University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Syllabus, curriculum

Many visitors requested us for providing Electrical and Electronics Engineering Syllabus/curriculum as they were not able to find in pu.edu.np too.

Here is the latest curriculum for Electrical and Electronics Engineering program of Pokhara University(PU).

Revised Syllabus 2014

Download on zip file. ( all subjects of Electrical and Electronics Engineering): Click to download

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(Present Curriculum Drafted in February, 2000)

Course Code Course Description Pre-req.or conc. regd. Per requisite Course Core Course
1st Semester
MTH 111.3 Engineering Mathematics I X
PHY 102.4 Physics
MEC 189.2 Thermal Science
MEC 109.1 Engineering Drawing
CMP 101.2 Computer and Programming
ELE 105.3 Basic Electrical Engineering
2nd Semester
MTH 121.3 Engineering Mathematics II MTH 111.3 X
CHM 103.4 Chemistry
CMP 111.2 Object OrientedProgramming CMP 101.2
ENG 104.2 Communication Technique
MEC 178.1 Mechanical Workshop
MEC 109.3 Applied Mechanics
3rd Semester
MTH 211.3 Engineering Mathematics III MTH 121.3 MTH 111.3 X
ELE 226.2 Electrical EngineeringMaterials
ELE 215.3 Network Theory ELE 105.3 X
ELX 213.3 Electronic Devices ELE 105.3
ELE 227.3 Electrical Machines ELE 105.3 X
4th Semester
MTH 223.3 Engineering Mathematics IV MTH 211.3 MTH 121.3 X
ELE 221.3 Instrumentation ELE 105.3 X
ELX 224.3 Electronic Circuits I ELX 213.3
ELX 226.3 Microprocessor ELX 212.2
ELX 223.3 Electromagnetic Field andWaves PHY 102.3 X
5th Semester


CMP 317.3 Numerical Methods CMP 101.2 X
ELE 314.3 Advanced ElectricalMachines ELE 227.3 X
ELE 313.3 Power Plant Equipment X
ELE 315.3 Power System Analysis X
ELE 375.3 Control System ELE 215.3 X
6th Semester
MTH 321.3 Probability and Statistics X
ELE 346.3 Power Electronics ELX 224.3 X
ELE 347.3 Power System Protection ELE 324.3 X
ELE 348.3 Building Electrical System &Illumination
ELE 349.3 Hydropower
7th Semester
MNG 430.4 Construction ProjectManagement & Economics
ELE 401.3 Utilization of ElectricalPower X
ELX 412.3 Advanced Instrumentation ELE 221.3
ELE 413.3 Transmission andDistribution System Design ELE 315.3 X
Elective I (2 Credits)
8th Semester
MNG 425.2 Professional Practice X
ELE 421.3 High Voltage Engineering ELE 315.3
ELE 422.3 Power Plant Design ELE 313.3
Elective II (3 Credits)
PRJ 400.5 Project


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