Pokhara university Exam Routine for all Programs [Updated]

Pokhara university exam routine has been published. This latest Pokhara University Examination routine by pu.edu.np is updated one. So, this is the latest exam routine for all program. PU is a  Public Co-educational institute which was established in 1996. It is the fifth university of Nepal. Its central office is in pokhara, Kaski district, Western Development Region. Along with purbanchal university, PU was formed as part of the government’s policy for improved access to higher education. The prime minister is the university chancellor and the minister for education is the pro-chancellor. Prof.chiranjeebi Prasad Sharma is the vice chancellor or principal administrator of the university. Prof.govinda Prasad Sharma is the registrar associative of the university. There are about 25000 students altogether. The university uses a semester system and evaluation were set up To achieve its objectives. All bachelor’s degrees are of four years (delivered over eight semesters) and master’s degrees are of two years (delivered over four semesters). M. Phil degree is of one and half years (three semesters). There are  four faculties which are organized by this university they are Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Management Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences.pokhara university exam routine

The university itself has its own aims and objectives, to provide better or quality education to its students. The university is responsible for providing the necessary materials need for students to enroll in study. The university is responsible for providing suitable environment for the students in which they can get attached or can involve in the surroundings easily. we can know that this university provides different faculty of education and conduct exams for them and publishes routine for those different faculties and publish theirs result and all. Pokhara university exam routine is the one of the activity of university in which they publish routines for the different faculties of the university. It is the first stage of examination as students start their preparation after the routine has been published.

Pokhara university Exam Routine

The procedure to check exam routine are:

  •  Go to your browser and type www.pu.edu.np which is the official website of pokhara University, where we can find a lot of information about pokhara university.
  • After entering, you will see the home page of PU website where you can find different options among which you have to choose appropriate options
  • After entering into the homepage you will find the examination notice written option choose that option where you get different faculties examination routine
  • Choose the appropriate or search for the routine of those faculty which u want to know
  • And now you can watch your result i.e. you can visit the page which contain the routine of the faculty you wanted to see

It is one of the easiest way to know the examination notice. Not only these we can search directly in the google about the exam routine or if we type  the exam routine of those faculty we want to know then  it will appear on your screen, we don’t need to visit official sites. It is one of the easiest way to see result of different faculties using these procedure. We don’t need to visit the university to check the routine or we don’t need to search in newspaper, as we can watch the routine sitting at home.


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