Pokhara University Result

Pokhara University has published Exam Result today. Choose your faculty and download the result.

Latest Result

Update 2017: Get your result below. Result has been published today. Official website of Pokhara University (pu.edu.np) is suspended because of third class web-hosting that university has used. Its really a matter of disgusting that during the period of a result, pu.edu.np often gets down. We request Pokhara University to contact us for 100% guaranteed, 100% up time web-hosting at the cheapest rate on the market. We are one of the leading websites of Nepal.

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Pokhara University BHM Result: BHM

Pokhara University BHCM Result: BHCM

Pokhara University MHCM Result: :MHCM

Pokhara University BHCM Result:emba

Pokhara University MA Result :M.A.

Pokhara University M.Phil Result: M.Phil

Pokhara University M.E second semester Result: M.E. 2nd Semester

Pokhara University BBA 1st sem result: BBA_1st

Pokhara University BBA second sem result:BBA_2nd

Pokhara University BBA third sem result:BBA_3rd

Pokhara University BBA forth sem result:BBA_4th

Pokhara University BBA 5th sem result:BBA_5th

Pokhara University BBA 6th sem result:BBA_6th

Pokhara University B. Pharmacy result:B.Pharm

Pokhara University M.E Computer result:M.E. Computer

Pokhara University MCIS result: MCIS


Pokhara University NEW Result 

Pokhara University BBA/BBA-BI/BBA-TT/BCA/BCIS/BHCM/BHM Result has been published today. Pokhara university engineering result is out.


Architecture 1st   Architecture 2nd   Architecture 3rd   Architecture 4th  Architecture 5th   Architecture 6th Architecture 7th   Architecture 8th

Civil Engineering

BE Civil 1st    BE Civil 2nd    BE Civil 3rd    BE Civil 4th    BE Civil 5th    BE Civil 6th   BE Civil Retake

Civil Engineering (Diploma)

Civil DH_1st    Civil DH_2nd    Civil DH_3rd    Civil DH_4th    Civil DH_5th    Civil DH_6th    Civil DH_7th    Civil DH_8th   Civil DH_9th

Civil and Rural Engineering

Civil Rural_1st    Civil Rural_2nd    Civil Rural_3rd   Civil Rural_4th    Civil Rural_5th    Civil Rural_6th    Civil Rural_7th   Civil Rural_8th    Civil Rural_9th   Civil Rural_Retake

Computer Engineering

Computer 1st    Computer 2nd    Computer 3rd    Computer 4th   Computer 5th   Computer 6th    Computer Retake


Ele_Elx 1st    Ele_Elx 2nd    Ele_Elx 3rd    Ele_Elx 4th    Ele_Elx 5th    Ele_Elx Retake

Electronics and Communication

Elx_Comm 1st    Elx_Comm 2nd    Elx_Comm 3rd    Elx_Comm 4th    Elx_Comm 5th    Elx_Comm 6th    Elx_Comm Retake

Information Technology

BEIT 1st    BEIT 2nd    BEIT 3rd    BEIT 4th    BEIT 5th    BEIT 6th    BEIT Retake

Software Engineering

BESE 1st    BESE 2nd    BESE 3rd    BESE 4th    BESE 5th   BESE 6th
BESE Retake
  • B.-Sc.MB_4th.pdf
  • B.-Sc.MB_Retake.pdf
  • B.Sc_.Env_._2nd.pdf
  • B.Sc_.Env_._4th.pdf
  • B.Sc_.Env_._6th.pdf
  • B.Sc_.Env_._REtake.pdf
  • B.Sc_.MM_1st.pdf
  • B.Sc_.MM_2nd.pdf
  • B.Sc_.MM_4th.pdf
  • B.Sc_.MM_6th.pdf
  • B.Sc_.Nursing_1ST.pdf
  • B.Sc_.Nursing_2nd.pdf
  • B.Sc_.Nursing_3rd.pdf
  • BBA-BI_1st_Spring-2014-New.pdf
  • BBA-BI_1st_Spring-2014Old.pdf
  • BBA-BI_2nd_Spring-2014-Old.pdf
  • BBA-BI_2nd_Spring-2014_new.pdf
  • BBA-BI_3rd_Spring-2014.pdf
  • BBA-BI_4th_Spring-2014.pdf
  • BBA-BI_5th_Spring-2014.pdf
  • BBA-BI_6th_Spring-2014.pdf
  • BBA_1st_new.pdf
  • BBA_1st_old.pdf
  • BBA_2nd_new.pdf
  • BBA_2nd_old.pdf
  • BBA_3rd.pdf
  • BBA_4th.pdf
  • BBA_5th.pdf
  • BBA_6th.pdf
  • BCA_1st.pdf
  • BCA_2nd.pdf
  • BCA_3rd.pdf
  • BCA_4th_new.pdf
  • BCA_4th_old.pdf
  • BCA_5th_new.pdf
  • BCA_5th_old.pdf
  • BCA_6th_new.pdf
  • BCA_6th_old.pdf
  • BCIS_1st_new_spring-2014.pdf
  • BCIS_1st_old_spring-2014.pdf
  • BCIS_2nd_new_spring-2014.pdf
  • BCIS_2nd_old_spring-2014.pdf
  • BCIS_3rd_spring-2014.pdf
  • BCIS_4th_spring-2014.pdf
  • BCIS_5th_spring-2014.pdf
  • BCIS_6th_spring-2014.pdf
  • BDevs_1st.pdf
  • BDevs_2nd.pdf
  • BDevs_3rd.pdf
  • BDevs_4th.pdf
  • BDevs_5th.pdf
  • BDevs_6th.pdf
  • BHCM_1st_new-spring-2014.pdf
  • BHCM_1st_old-spring-2014.pdf
  • BHCM_2nd_new-spring-2014.pdf
  • BHCM_2nd_old-spring-2014.pdf
  • BHCM_3rd-spring-2014.pdf
  • BHCM_4th-spring-2014.pdf
  • BHCM_5th-spring-2014.pdf
  • BHCM_6th-spring-2014.pdf
  • BHM_1st_new-Spring-2014.pdf
  • BHM_1st_old-Spring-2014.pdf
  • BHM_2nd_new-Spring-2014.pdf
  • BHM_2nd_old-Spring-2014.pdf
  • BHM_3rd-Spring-2014.pdf
  • BHM_4th-Spring-2014.pdf
  • BHM_5th-Spring-2014.pdf
  • BHM_6th-Spring-2014.pdf
  • BMLT_1st.pdf
  • BMLT_2nd.pdf
  • BMLT_3rd.pdf
  • BMLT_4th.pdf
  • BMLT_5th.pdf
  • BMLT_6th.pdf
  • BPH_1ST.pdf
  • BPH_2nd.pdf
  • BPH_3rd.pdf
  • BPH_4th.pdf
  • BPH_5th.pdf
  • BPH_6th.pdf
  • BPharm_1st.pdf
  • BPharm_2nd.xlsx
  • BPharm_3rd.pdf
  • BPharm_4th.xlsx
  • BPharm_5th.pdf
  • BPharm_6th.pdf
  • Biochemistry_2nd.pdf
  • Biochemistry_4th.pdf
  • Biochemistry_6th.pdf
  • Biochemistry_Retakexlsx.pdf
  • EMBA_1st.xlsx
  • Fall-2015-Exam-Center.xls
  • M.-Sc.Env_2nd.pdf
  • M.-Sc.Env_Retake.pdf
  • MBA-Fall-2014rechecking-retotalling.pdf
  • MBA_2nd_SAIM.pdf
  • MBA_4th_SAIM.pdf
  • MBA_5th_SAIM.pdf
  • MBA_RechReto_2014Spring.pdf
  • MHCM_1st.pdf
  • MHCM_2nd.pdf
  • MHCM_3rd.pdf
  • MHCM_REtake.pdf
  • MPGD_1st.pdf
  • MPGD_2nd.pdf
  • MPGD_3rd.pdf
  • MPharm_2nd_Clinical.xlsx
  • MPharm_2nd_NPC.xlsx
  • Urgent-Notice.pdf
  • pgdhcm_1st.xlsx
  • pgdhcm_2nd.xlsx
  • pgdhcm_Retake.xlsx

This is the latest updated result that we got from University. More results will be added as soon as Pokhara University publishes. We wish Gudluck to students who are waiting for result.

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