Pokhara University Workshop on Embedded System Design

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The Robotics Club has been established in the School Of Engineering, Pokhara University in order to develop the creative’s, experiences.

Robotics club is playing a vital role of mediator among the students in the development of their practical skills. The club encourages the students to research the new technologies and makes familiar with the new technologies. The active members are taken through the exam by the department and these members are actively involving for the success of the club and university. It is further divided into sub-groups that make’s the club strong.

Pokhara University Workshop
Pokhara University Workshop

Commercially available micro-controllers (serving as the brain of a Robot) will be evaluated for our purpose. Also, over 20 different sensors and actuators will be evaluated and tested in order to put together a kit that would fit the proposed needs for in this workshop. Specifications and sample programs describing the configuration and utilization of such sensors, and actuators will be developed and posted via notice.

Hence it will help in the productivity of embedded system such as applicable for manual robot as well as autonomous robot in the Robotics Club with the development of robotics and automation knowledge in students. With this project, the new comers can understand what Engineering is to some extent and hence they can be centered to practical and technical knowledge with theoretical knowledge.


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