Polka Studios-Nepali Animation


Their videos are published on Youtube and Facebook.


“Theobjective and motivation behind our work is to provoke contemplation amongst Nepalese youngsters in the hope of inspiring curiosity, dialogue and subsequently, practice”, they state.

New update:

Polka Studios(2013) comprises a group of creative youngsters, skilled in their own respective fields of study. They create animated shorts, and have thus far addressed themes such as corruption, politics and nationalism, all of which are popular topics of discussions amongst the young people in modern-day Nepal.


Polka Studio team, at present, consists of Asis Rai (Artist/Creative Director), Nira jKhadka (Promoting Director), Sahanshil Rai (Video/Audio Editor), Diya Gurung (Script/Audio/Writer), Prabal Shrestha (Music/Promoter) and Sanjok Gurung (Video Sequencing).


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