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Population of Nepal in 2068 census was two crores and sixty six lakhs. Population of Nepal in 2013 is 27,797,457, 2012 is 27,474,377, 2011 is 27,156,367 and 2010 is 26,846,016. Census is done in Nepal in every ten years duration. During the census, all the factors of population in different categories like age, religion, gender, employment are determined. The population increment rate of Nepal is given by 14.99 percentage (roundly we can say it as 15 percentage).

nepal population

Eleventh census on 2068 BS gave the data of total population of Nepal as two crores and sixty six lakhs. Census was done in month Asar of 2068 Bs. There was 2 crores 37 lakhs population according to the tenth census done in 2058 BS. In ten years of period, the total population of Nepal was increased by 29 lakhs.

Census has a great role in development of a country. Plan for development are made looking at a census. The different categories in census helps to make effective plans for development. Upcoming census of Nepal will be taken in 2078 BS which will be the thirteenth census of Nepal.


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