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PTE in Nepal is emerging. The popularity of PTE in Nepal is increasing. PTE test centers are only one in Nepal. You can book PTE date Nepal online as well. To check the test centers all you have to do is click this link

And you will find a drop down list where choose your country, in this case Nepal. Then it will show you the test centers in your area.

Or just click this link that will send you directly to test centers in Nepal.

For test dates you can also sign up and schedule your own test or check this website


PTE in Nepal


PTE Academic is a multi-level test, like IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. PTE price in Nepal is only 150 USD. PTE official test center is Alpha Beta only in Nepal. PTE results are very quick. PTE result is published on 1 to 5 days.pte in nepal

The syllabus of PTE is down below:

Speaking and Writing – These module assesses the communication skill of the test taker where it ensure that the test taker is able to easily read and write English.

  • Reading a Text Aloud
  • Repeating a sentence
  • Describing an Image
  • Re-telling a Lecture
  • Answering short questions
  • Summarizing a text
  • Writing an essay

Listening – This module assesses the capability of the test taker is able to listen, understand and interpret.

  • Summarizing spoken text
  • Multiple Choice Questions based on the recording
  • Fill blanks in a transcript based on recording
  • Writing a diction

Reading – This module assesses reading skills of the text taker.

Module includes

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Re-ordering Paragraphs
  • Filling Blanks in a text


It is advised for test takers to take classes for this test, so that they are properly and adequately trained. The test classes are found commonly in Kathmandu valley.All the registrations should be done in time.

Best of luck for all the PTE test takers.

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