Restore Recently Closed Tabs In Chrome

Do you love chrome? Many times accidentially people close the tabs that they are working on. You may get panic after this. But you will wonder knowing, how to restore the tabs and end up in searching the same page in the internet. Here I will show two simple steps to reopen the recently closed tabs. Here I have showed it in Google Chrome.

1. You have to Click on any tab and go to option,  from setting and then select “Reopen the pages that were open last.” This will let you open the pages that were open by you before you closed the browser.

2. And the next way to open recently closed tabs is : Press” Ctrl + Shift and T button. This will let you open all the recently opened tabs before the browser, Chrome is closed. You can open all of those tabs that were closed from the start of the browser.

Chrome will allow you to open recently closed tabs. If you have several tabs open it will allow you to restore all those tabs. If that history is lost, then you are out of luck, the recently closed tabs history is limited to a certain amount and replaced as needed. Just copy the profile folder, all Chrome files, are stored there.


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