Royal Bengal Tigers Number Rising In Nepal

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According to a recent survey, it has been found that Nepal’s Royal Bengal Tigers number have rose by 64% to 198 in the time frame of just four years. The survey was the effort of conservation department of government.

Conservation minister responded that the survey had found the number of adult tigers in the wild was 198 and they now focus to double the number by 2022.photo_1375112804010-1-HD

Law enforcement and proper management has certainly been found prime factor for this sharp increase as the numbers counted 121 in a similar survey in 2009.

The statistics seems to be very remarkable as the total number of Bengal Tigers on the planet now count to only 3,200 from 100,000 in 1900.

The survey was the result of the data and recordings of about 500 cameras placed in the wildlife protected area and the total cost of the survey summed to 35 million rupees.

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