Sagarmatha Earth Station Report

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A Report on Sagarmatha Earth Station:

An earth station, ground station, or earth terminal is a terrestrial terminal station designed for extra-planetary telecommunication with spacecraft, and/or reception of radio waves from an astronomical radio source. Earth stations are located either on the surface of the Earth, or within Earth’s atmosphere. Earth stations communicate with spacecraft by transmitting and receiving radio waves in th e super high frequency or extremely high frequency bands (e.g., microwaves). When an earth station successfully transmits radio waves to a spacecraft (or vice versa), it establishes a telecommunications link.

Specialized satellite earth stations are used to telecommunicate with satellites

—chiefly communications satellites. Other earth stations communicate with manned space stations or unmanned space probes. An earth station that primarily receives telemetry data, or that follows a satellite not in geostationary orbit, is called a tracking station.

When a satellite is within an earth station’s line of sight, the earth station is said to have a view of the satellite. It is possible for a satellite to communicate with more than one earth station at a time. A pair of earth stations is said to have a satellite in mutual view when the stations share simultaneous, unobstructed, line-of-sight contact with the satellite.

New update:

Earth Station provides the communication pathway between the Geo-stationary Satellite and local networks. Signals from the all the local networks are send to th e Satellite for long distant communication and signal received from the Satellite are send to desired location within a network is done by the Earth Station. International Calls, International Direct Dialing, Occasional TV Broadcasting, Internet Access, Weather Forecasting, VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) Communication are prominent benefits of an Earth Station. Intelsat-1 to Intelsat-4, ThaiCom, Arabsat, TelStar, Early Bird, KoreaSat are some satellites send by many countries to guide wireless long distant communication. A signal also termed as base band signal or message signal is send via antenna to the Satellite by the unique uplink frequency and signal are received from the satellite by the downlink frequency. Figure below shows the block diagram of the systems needed for efficient and accurate communication inside the earth station.



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