How to Score Good Marks in HSEB Exam

HSEB exam, the final exam for grade 11 and grade 12 is one of the major exams in students’ life. This post is about HSEB exam and is helpful for you to know how to score good marks in HSEB exam.

Every student wants to secure good marks in HSEB exam so that they can do well in future by joining top colleges or universities. It’s not just been the issue of students but all +2 colleges also want their students to do well in exam for the reputation of their colleges.

There is a popular saying, “Hard work always pays”. There is no medicine available in the market that will help you to get good marks in HSEB exam directly just by taking it. The main way to secure good marks in any exam is hard work. If you don’t study well, there is no way you can score good marks in exam. Studying well doesn’t mean studying all the time. Studying well means learning, understanding, analyzing and memorizing. You might have some friend who studies most of the time but could not get good marks. You might have some friend who gets good marks by studying but not as much as the one mentioned earlier. So, to get good marks, you need to understand and analyze what you have read. You have to clever too to score good marks in exam.

The following points will help you to achieve good grade in HSEB exam:

  • You have to know well about the specification grid of each subject. Why are you going to waste your time to study what won’t come in exam? You can read them later but not good choice to study in exam period.
  • You should know the marks carried by each chapter. That will help you to know the time that you are going to spend reading them. Give importance to the chapters that carry high marks.
  • You get exam preparation leave for tough subjects if not all. You have to utilize that time by studying. Don’t leave any chapter that carries marks as much as you can.
  • Remember your writing is the reflection of your study. Your writing should be neat, clean and understandable.
  • Don’t fully believe in the HSEB guides available in the market because they don’t know what will come in exam. You can refer them because they contain important and probable questions but should not depend on it. You have to go through your text book and teachers’ notes.

Hope this post will help you to secure good grades in HSEB exam.


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