SLC Grading System; How do you find it?

The School Leaving Certificate Examination is in the verge of being modeled in a grading system. There have been lots of talks and plans to reform SLC at times. Some were brought to actions while some failed. Recently, the concerned bodies have come with a proposition of introducing grading system. They supposedly explain this system as an effective one as there shan’t be percentage and no one shall be marked fail. But stakeholders and other concerned bodies still have some questions.

They believe that, following traditional examination pattern and using new grading system to produce result shan’t work together. Should there be transformation in ways of examination too, the new grading system shall be acceptable. They have criticized the proposition of Ministry of Education and Examination Controllers Office. So, how do you take this new grading system? If we go sometime back, there were some propositions of merging 11 and 12 as high schools too but it didn’t come to action.

So, as per your view, are students going to be benefited with this new grading system? Just give us your views. Any insights are welcome.  There mightn’t be percentage but still the grades appearing on the result sheet could make difference. After all, who would accept the ones with D, E or Fs. With failure, they might get another chance to bring good marks but with grades, they shan’t get another chance. Isn’t it? There are advantages as well as disadvantages. Just have your say!!!

New update:

Government has introduced a new grading system in School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination by scrapping the previous pass-fail system.

A meeting of Curriculum Development Centre on Wednesday decided to introduce the grading system, said examination controller Bishnu Dware.

The meeting under the Chairmanship of Education Minister Chitra Lekha Yadav decided to adopt the system in this year’s SLC exams for technical group and will be effective in both the general and technical groups from next year’s SLC exams.

Examination controller informed that students securing above 90 percentage will be graded A+ (Distinction) while percentage from 80 to 89 will be given A (Excellent) grade. Likewise, 60 to 79 percentage will secure B (Very good), 40 to 59 percentage under C (Good) and 25 to 39 percentage under the D (Weak) grades. Students below 25 percentage will be listed in the E (Very weak) grade.

Grading system in SLC level has been implemented in most of the south asian countries.



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