SLC Result 2074 SLC Examination

SLC Result 2074 SLC result 2017 is being eagerly waited by students. SLC examination stands for School Leaving Certificate and it denotes end of school days for the students. They will set foot on the next stage of higher education after SLC. SLC examination is conducted by Examination Controller Center in Nepal and students of class 10 appear for SLC Examination. Students as well as their parents eagerly wait for SLC. It is both considered sensitive as well as important. It is also considered as Iron Gate for the students.

SLC Result 2074

SLC examination is conducted throughout the nation being controlled by same board. Examinations are conducted with students giving exams via different centers. Lots of invigilators and superintendents are mobilized throughout the nation to assure the smooth conduction of examination. Security forces are deployed too. SLC helps in measuring the overall progress of the students and also shows what the student achieved throughout their school life. SLC also helps in determining the future path for students as the score they are going to obtain in the SLC Result shall matter a lot for their higher education. SLC Examination SLC Result 2074 is also preparing thousands of students for their future. They shall pursue higher education upon graduating and follow their dream career.

slc result 2074

SLC Result 2074

Students generally face SLC after 13 years of their formal education. They deal with numbers of subjects throughout their school life. As they progress towards higher classes they also have some electives. And when they reach class 10, they further work hard to attain better result for SLC. They prepare for numbers of subjects like English, Nepali, Science, Social Studies, EPH, Accounts, Computer Science, Optional Mathematics, Compulsory Mathematics, Economics and more. With 6 subjects being compulsory ones, they get to choose two optional subjects. Previously, SLC examination was designed comprising curriculum of class 9 too but some years back it was excluded and students needed to prepare only from class 10 curriculum. SLC result 2074

is very much important for students as it helps determining students’ success in school.


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