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SLC students might be looking out for SLC result update since long. SLC result 2074 held on April 2017 is publishing on 2073 so it is called by many people as SLC result 2074. Students attend their examination with huge effort on studies. So, they wait eagerly for checking their result. From the year 2073, SLC board Nepal has already announced providing a result with grades. Students are on confusion how the grade sheet look like. We have already shared the format for slc grade sheet in our previous article. If you are still unknown about the new format of slc grade sheet, we are sharing the slc grade sheet format in this article also.

slc result grade

slc result gradesheet format

SLC Nepal is keenly dedicated on providing an international level of the education system in Nepal. With huge effort on development of a school level education, SLC Nepal is strongly implementing slc grading system from 2074. The very step of SLC Nepal is being welcomed from several dimensions.

SLC result grades

There will be grades A+, A, B+, B, C+, C. This is how SLC results grading is done.
A+ is equivalent to 4.
A is equivalent to 3.6.
B+ is equivalent to 3.2.
B is equivalent to 2.8.
Grading is done on 4. Individual subjects will have 4 credit hours. If you do not understand this, you can take an image above as a reference. It will provide a good example for this description.

SLC result notice

SLC result 2074, SLC result 2075 is very near. Students must be prepared for a result. We request students to start making preparation for the further plan of their studies. Students might be busy on bridge courses or different skill oriented courses. We request students to have some skill and start researching onto the field of your interest. Being a doctor, being a pilot, being an engineer, being a nurse is not a big deal until you have any skill on your hand. For having skill you need to research in the field of your interest.

SLC result 2074 is publishing soon. We request our students to visit this page regularly as we will update the information on this page time to time. You will also be able to download result after it is published.


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