Smart Telecom got Additional Spectrum to extend its service

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It has been a year that Smart Telecom is in Nepali Market. Nepal telecommunicans Authority finally granted additional spectrum to Smart Telecom. It decided to assign extra spectrum from the 900 MHz and 1,800 MHz bandwidth after Smart Telecom increased its subscriber base as per the NTA’s condition.

Since two months, Smart Telecom was asking NTA for more brandwidth claiming that they already crossed the 80,000 mark, but the authority had found it to be a false claim.

As of the first eight months of the current fiscal year, the subscriber base of Smart Telecom has increased over 90,000.

If the NTA assigns additional 2.4 MHz from the 900 MHz bandwidth, the company will be able to offer service to 1,000 subscribers from one BTS. Currently, 2.4 MHz spectrum in use serves 225 customers per BTS. Smart Telecom has been offering services in various 25 districts with 54 BTS.

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