What are smileys on facebook?

Smileys are also known as emotions. It represents the facial expression of human beings. It give life to chat. When your are chatting online with your friends on facebook and if you feel happy in any sense then using 🙂 or 😀 will make your chatting feel alive and natural.

  Now, facebook has also started using smileys in facebook chat box. You can see a smiley insertion option below of your chat window. Or you can also use smileys directly using the shortcut keys. The shortcut codes for the smileys can be found in our previous posts.

There are various types of smileys. Some of it’s types are listed below :

Homer simpson facebook smiley

Hug  facebook  smiley

Pig   facebook  smiley

Domking  facebook  smiley

Smoking  facebook  smiley

Kiss   facebook  smiley


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