Speed Up Windows 8 With Norton Internet Security

Symantec claims that its top level Anti-virus application – Norton Internet Security – can outsmart Windows local security solution – Ms windows Defensive player – and in turn, offer a better, quicker and securer processing encounter.

Remember the good, old days back in 2008, when managing Norton Security would satisfy your pc’s performance? It was only 2009 when Symantec completely rewound the application and came up with a better and enhanced edition of antivirus application. Since then, with every approaching edition, it has just enhanced.

However, the paradox is that so have its opponents. These days, security packages like BitDefender, AVG or Kaspersky have progressed to offer better buyer, quicker efficiency and solid security.

However, Symantec has been the switch in the modification process, forcing the efficiency limitations with every build. It understands that efficiency would be a crucial factor not only for antivirus application but also for systems.

On the other hand, Ms statements that it has conducted all cards right this time with Ms windows 8. It won’t slow down after few months as opposed to most Ms windows editions and guarantees an user-friendly, easy-to-work-with user interface as well.

Though the code for Ms windows 8 has not been out yet, Symantec couldn’t avoid itself from saying that Ms windows 8 associated Norton Internet Security would offer the quickest processing encounter. Moreover, it also went on to testify that as per their initial exams, Ms windows 8 PCs managing with Norton Internet Security conducted 52% quicker when compared to the ones managing with Ms windows Defensive player. These reviews have been from TechRadar and the reliability of these reviews thereby cannot be inquired.

New update:


  • Five patented layers of protection ensure you’ll always feel safe.
  • 100% proven protection stops threats that Windows 8 with Defender doesn’t.1
  • 24×7 live threat monitoring protects you from threats that haven’t even been invented yet.
  • Exclusive Scam Insight and Identity Safe closely guard your identity and personal information.


  • Cloud-based Norton Management brings all your protection together in one place.
  • Automatic updates and intelligent task scheduling keep you a step ahead of cybercriminals.
  • Touch-friendly support is equally great in keyboard and mouse environments.


  • Proven to make Windows 8 run 50% faster than Windows with Defender.2
  • Ranked #1 in both performance and protection.
  • Engineered from the ground up to unleash the full potential of Windows 8.


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