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Here are cool, funny, romantic, sexy status for facebook. Its sure, just sharing these you will get uncountable Facebook Likes.


  • Wonderful combinations in this world heart and beat night and moon music and songs roses and love fish and water my sms and your smile.
  • The best cosmetics in life truth for lips, pity for eyes, charity for hands, and smile for face and love for heart make up now and face the world.
  • Fact of live: when you have so much pain in your heart and you want to cry the only person who can stop you from crying is exactly the same person who made you cry.
  • You are far from me but your presence is always here in my heart i may not come to see you but my message can reach before you to say take care.
  • Smile is the lighting system of a face, cooling system of heart, boosting system of mind so keep smiling always.
  • Holding on to anger is like grasping hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else you r the one getting burnt first so stay cool always.
  • Opinions are hand watches everyone watches shows different time from others but everyone believes that time is correct.
  • Life is not made up of great sacrifices and duties but made up of simple smiles and kind acts help others and love others with a kind heart.
  • A girl takes too much time to love and few second to hate but a boy take few second to love and too much time to hate.
  • All beautiful things start from the heart all bad things start from the mind never let the mind rule your heart let the heart rule your mind.
  • Sometimes we put walls around our heart, not just to be safe from getting hurt but to find out who cares enough to break the walls and get closer.
  • The inevitable truth of life is- every one is going to hurt you sooner or later. you just have to realize: who is worth the pain.


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Amazing information: letters A B C D don’t appear in the spellings of 1 to 99. Letter D appears first time in hundred. Letter A appears first time in thousands. Letter B appears first time in billion. C does not appear in spelling of entire English counting itself.

Little lock can open big lock. Simple words can reflect great thoughts. Cute simile can cure heart blocks. So keep smiling it simply rocks.

Every tear is a sign of broken heart. Every silence is a sign of loneliness. Every smile is a sign of happiness. Every sms is symbol of remembrance.

Tears are true than smile because you can smile at everyone, but you will cry for only one who is special to you.

Hi today is world sorry telling day, so if I had hurt you anytime, anywhere, or disturbed you, then I seriously say to you just here words, I will continue.

Only open heart receive love, only open mind receive feelings, only open hands receive touch, only sweet ones receive my sms.

No cross question, athisa aisa athea awaya atoa asaya ayoua agooda anighta aina aaa anewa astylea. Can you understand this? Ok erase first and last letter.

Cool evening rose needs water. Season needs change. Poet needs imagination. My phone needs your sms.

A butterfly lives only for few days, but still it flies joyfully capturing many hearts each moment in life is precious. Live happy win many hearts.

Every little smile can touch somebody heart. May you find 100 0f reasons to smile today, may you be the reason for someone else to smile.

Friendship is not a rose that lives for a day; it’s a tree that grows forever, so keep watering the tree daily, with water called sms.

Speed can be calculated by “MILES PER HOUR”. And life time can be calculated by “SMILES PER HOUR”. Be happy, always keep smiling.

Three magical words of life.
2.thank you
But don’t use these words to 3 person
2.friend and sister.

Sweet person talk from aircel, lover talk from hutch, royals talk from reliance, beauties talk from airtel, but brilliants never talk, they only send sms. Like me.

Just see the sky all stars are blinking expect one cute star, because that cute star is busy in reading my sms.

When situation gets you down, remember there’s someone in heaven who loves you and watches over you and there’s someone on earth who cares for you.


My message are like a moon one day it will increase one day it will decrease one day it will not come but moon always in sky like that you are always in my heart.


Life is very short so break silly rules forgive quickly believe slowly .love truly laugh loudly and never avoid anything that makes u smile.

One stone enough to break a glass one sentence enough to break a heart one second enough to fall in love one message enough to say i remember you.

A nice thought: I meet money and i said you are just a piece of paper money smiled and said of course i am a piece of paper but i haven’t seen a dust-bin for me.

Life is like a chocolate box each chocolate is like a portion of life sum are crunchy sum are nutty sum are soft but all are delicious so taste your life.

Some can give you crying & tears, many others can give you laughter & smile .but only rare can give u laughter tears & crying smiles. They are simply called dearest.

BEAUTIFUL LINES: we meet to create memories & we depart to preserve them. to meet & depart is way of life ,to depart & meet is hope of life.


Smile is language of love smile attracts human hearts more than a magnet it reduces pains smile is the dictionary of your face smile gives chillness and peace even with unknown faces smiles vibrates others worry and produce hope to mankind smile brings heaven to this beautiful earth from the air around a smiling face smile is the only difference between you and animals and others just keep smiling.



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