NCELL Nepal Private Telecommunication Company of Nepal

NCELL is the one of the private telecommunication companies of Nepal beside UTL. NCELL was previously known as Mero Mobile. Later on, after certain percentage of its share was... Read more »

Ncell Nepal Private Telecommunication

Ncell Nepal is the first private telecom of Nepal which started on 2004. Ncell Nepal has came as the largest telecom Network of Nepal. Ncell, Previously known as Mero... Read more »

Ncell Launches Video Call Service from Mount Everest Base Camp

Ncell, the first private telecom company has recently launched 3G vedio call service. Today, Ncell has launched vedio call from Mount Everest Base Camp. They are going to spread... Read more »

Ncell Video Call, How to activate Ncell Video Call

Ncell Video Call, How to activate Ncell Video Call Ncell Video Call can be accessed from many parts of country now- pokhara, kathmandu and more. There is nothing about... Read more »

NCELL New Tariff Plan : NCELL

Ncell has revised a tariff plan. It is being more cheaper. Ncell has recently launched new scheme named —Ncell Pro— Ncell Pro consists of three tariff plans—premium, plus and... Read more »

Ncell will Charge on Missed Call Notification

Ncell has provided Missed call notification service for free since 3-4 years. Now, Ncell has decided to implement some charges on it. Ncell has said to charge Rs 2... Read more »

Ncell launches 3G service in Everest region

Ncell, the first private sector GSM operator, has started 3G service and Ncell Connect, a data service, in the Mount Everest region. The company has established the first base... Read more »

Ncell Reduced ISD Call rate for International Countries

This is a good news that Ncell has brought new tariff for ISD calls. According to Ncell, Customers can now make calls to India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, USA, Bahrain,... Read more »