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Ncell 9090 Winners list

 All winner numbers are listed over here The 1st week winner number are: 1. BlackBerry : 1-00276869 2. Laptop : 1-00145672 3. Trip to Thailand: 1-00364905 4. LCD: 1-00482530 5. Bike: 1-00134219 Ncell Get Wise, Win Prize – 2nd week winners 1. Blackberry 2-00115548 2. Laptop 2-00379868 3. Thailand 2-00483374 4. LCD TV 2-00042788 5. […] Continue reading →

Fast Internet 3.6mbps per second by NCELL

 NCELL users can use high speed internet connection up to 3.6 mbps with a USB data card. The service is available in both pre-paid and post-paid SIM. To subscribe to the service, one needs to buy a data card at Rs. 1,999 and a data SIM card at Rs. 99. The data card, once connected […] Continue reading →

NCELL 3G Activating Ncell 3G

 NCELL 3G is superfast. You can use NCELL 3G to surf webpages quicker, download stuffs and much more. NCELL has came up to 3.6Mbps internet service. NCELL is a largest private telecommunication company in Nepal. NCELL has provided video call service for costumers. Activating NCELL 3G Type A and send to 900224. This syntax will let […] Continue reading →