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Tihar is the biggest festival of Hindu. Tihar wishes, Tihar sms makes tihar more happier. People send a sms with deepawali wishes to relatives, family members, colleagues, sisters, brothers for their long life. Tihar festival has its own importance in Hindu religion.

Tihar Wishes sms in Nepali

We have listed out tihar wishes which can be sent to everyone. You can choose any of the following text and write it on your SMS and send. You can send to relatives, neighbors, sisters, brothers, friends. These are short and sweet tihar sms.

Tihar festival has a huge importance in Hindu community. Deepawali, a festival of lights is celebrated with joy. People prefer to give much more importance to Deepawali than any other festivals in our religion. Tihar sms with good wishes are sent to increase intimacy in between them. This good tihar wishes also prays for their good future.

tihar wishes

 Tihar wishes sms Deepawali wishes

Tihar wishes are important. If you send tihar wishes sms to people, they feel happy to read your wishes. You can give them a smile on their face wishing for their happy future. Deepawali wishes and tihar wishes are same. Wishing for prosperous tihar is easy. You can pick your mobile phone and type above wishes and send to friends. Nepal Telecom as well as Ncell are providing cheap SMS service for deepawali/tihar period. You can enjoy the benefits and make use of those cheap sms to bring smile on others face.

We Fnepal.com team would like to wish all people who celebrate tihar with a happy, prosporours tihar. Hope people life will be much more easier and happy as light. You can send Tihar wishes to people. We have already shared you main tihar wishes collection above. You can choose it and send. You can even share this page through our social networks mentioned below.

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