TU 4 Yrs BSc 3rd Year 2075 exam routine published

Tribhuvan University has published exam routine for 4 years BSc 3 year 2075. You can download exam routine from this page. Exam starts from baishakh 28 and ends on Jestha 29.

TU 4 Yrs BSc 3rd Year 2075 exam routine published

Date: 2075/01/28
Subjects: Phy.301, Bot.301 (Compulsory)

Date: 2075/01/31
Subjects: CHEM.303 ( Elective )

Date: 2075/02/02
Subjects: RM.305 Research Methodology

Date: 2075/02/04
Subjects: CHEM.301 (Compulsory)

Date: 2075/02/07
Subjects: MET.302, GEO.303 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/09
Subjects: Math301, Zoo.301 (Compulsory)

Date: 2075/02/10
Subjects: Phy.304, Bot.303 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/11
Subjects: Env.301 (Compulsory)

Date: 2075/02/13
Subjects: Math303, Zoo.303 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/14
Subjects: Env.303 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/16

Subjects: Math-302

Date: 2075/02/17
Subjects: MET.303, GEO.304 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/18
Subjects: Phy.305, Bot.304 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/20
Subjects: Env.-304 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/21
Subjects: MET.301, GEO.301 (Compulsory)

Date: 2075/02/22
Subjects: Stat.303, MB.302 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/23
Subjects: Phy.304, Bot.303 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/24
Subjects: CHEM.305 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/25
Subjects: Math304, Zoo.304 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/27

Subjects: Stat.304, MB.303 (Elective)

Date: 2075/02/29
Subjects: Stat.301, MB.301 (Compulsory)

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